Virtual media is an unprecedented opportunity for advertising on premium sports broadcasts seamlessly integrating virtual ads from different advertisers into live footage and broadcast to targeted audiences around the globe.

Done right, virtual media can expand commercial media inventory and increase revenue for rights-holders and broadcasters while optimising the audience’s experience.

The complex, expensive, fluid technical development and competing technologies, however, makes virtual media a high-risk endeavour that requires expertise.

That is where ISG comes in. We deliver a turn-key solution for virtual media that can be customised to right-holder’s and broadcaster’s needs. Our highly specialised team has years of experience producing in premium sports events such as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Formula One World Championship, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Qualifiers (almost 9 years exclusive UEFA post production) and many others.

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We cover the entire value-chain: testing of technology, on-site implementation, integration into broadcasts, live broadcast operation, managing international signal distribution, regulations & compliance, and if required, sales and revenue generation – while providing data & reports for advertisers, client management and international credit control.

Hiring us is taking the risk-free approach: we know how to handle the technical complexity of virtual media

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We always apply technically and commercially superior technologies providing multiple types of virtual media. With virtual replacement, we overlay existing ads, deployed in-stadium or trackside, with new ads, entirely virtual.

With virtual placement, we add totally new ads or branded media in places where there are normally none, such as pitch-side mats for football matches or track-side hoardings for motor races.

In addition, we always stay on top of technological development and implement new solutions whenever a proven, superior one comes along. This way, we ensure optimum performance – and insulate against obsolescence. ISG provides a full turn-key solution that covers the entire value chain and tune everything your specific needs. Get in touch with the ISG team to talk about what we can do for you.