Virtual media is an unprecedented opportunity for advertising on premium sports broadcasts providing access to accurately targeted audiences around the globe and measurably improving return-on-investment for media buyers and brands.

Virtual media also bypasses one of the biggest challenges in modern advertising: information overload that leads consumers to ignore ads.

By seamlessly integrating virtual media into content that audiences truly care about, attention is regained, and positive emotions are associated with the brand through the shared passion of sports.

The complex, expensive and fluid technical development, however, makes virtual media a high-risk endeavour that requires expertise.
That is where ISG comes in.

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Through virtual media we can help you localise your communication to fit specific geographic audiences. This way you can purchase ads exclusively for audiences you are interested in. Broadcast regionalisation also allows potential mitigation of local broadcast media conventions.

Measurements are dramatically improved and return on investment significantly enhanced. Get in touch with the ISG team to talk about what we can do for you.

Our highly specialised team exclusively produces, activates and owns live commercial rights across premium broadcast events, such as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Formula One World Championship, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Qualifiers (almost 9 years exclusive UEFA post production) and many others.