ISG launches “TV industry’s first fully cloud based service platform”

Jun 26th 2018

ISG Group have joined with media distribution veterans Simon Kay and Matt Bowman to launch what is believed to be the television industry’s first fully cloud based distribution platform – ISG Connect.

ISG Connect will provide the world’s leading brands, broadcasters and rights holders with the ability to harness cloud technology to manage and package content to multiple platforms, delivering global access – locally.

Clients will be able to screen any asset anytime, re-package, QC, share, edit, convert all with live management dashboards.  ISG Connect maps the clients’ deadline calendar and displays relevant up-to-date information and schedules all the time. Whether they are selling content, promoting brands or running marketing campaigns the ISG Connect platform and its API integration team will enable much smoother interaction and efficient delivery.

“ISG Connect has removed geographic barriers offering interactive transparency to all content, all the time,” explained Bowman.

“The TV industry has been crying out for accessible, visible content management – ISG Connect’s managed service and SAAS models will revolutionise content interaction and truly take the pain away from rights holders and marketing agencies alike,” he added.

For ISG Group, the launch of ISG Connect further demonstrates the company’s determination to use technology to improve the interaction between major brands, rights holders and media organisations. “Connecting brands to their target markets through major sports events is core to ISG,” explains ISG Group joint CEO Tony Ragan. “The Connect platform enables rights holders and brands to deliver content to multiple platform, including Digital and Social Media, via their own local access,” he added.