F1 Joins ISG for Betting… Press Coverage

Nov 08th 2018

Read more from the extensive press coverage of our ground-breaking sponsorship and data rights commercial partnership with Liberty Media, allowing a new F1 betting offering and giving fans new ways to get closer to the sport they love.
Financial Times

“Bratches, managing director of F1’s commercial operations, described the deal as a “fan-centric move”, as millions of viewers had grown accustomed to gambling partnerships in other sports. He added that the income would improve the spectacle, funding teams that incur enormous costs to compete.”

https://www.ft.com/content/25f26274-ba71-11e8-8274-55b72926558f (££)

“F1 will develop new and exciting ways for Formula One fans around the globe to engage with the world’s greatest racing spectacle”


“The more interest in motorsport betting, the higher the required standards and the better for all players.”

The Drum

“marks the first time in close to 40 years in which betting firms will have been able to lay claim to a physical presence on the racetrack, ending a blanket ban enforced by previous owner Bernie Ecclestone.”

Fox News

“gambling operators will be given the opportunity to have their brands promoted on trackside electronic billboards, on-screen graphics during TV broadcasts and through integration across the series’ digital and social platforms.”


“Sports betting has introduced a massive new revenue stream for sports leagues now that states have the power to implement their own legislation. A Nielsen report recently concluded that the NFL could profit $2.3 billion a year due to wide-scale, regulated sports betting. These gains are mostly attributed to the higher spending from betting operators related to advertising, media, data rights, and sponsorship fees, as well as the audience viewership increase expected to happen as a result of real-money wagering.”