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ISG produced and seeded four videos involving England Senior Women’s players to celebrate Continental Tyres’ partnership with The FA Women’s Game, and in preparation for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup™

In preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada, ISG were were tasked to capitalise on the wave of enthusiasm for women’s football in England.

Generating over 650,000 views across four player videos, and extensive media coverage, the campaign proved a genuine ‘game changer’ in how Conti utilised social media story telling to drive significant engagement and ROI.

The overall aims of the #RoadtoCanada campaign were to drive conversation within the existing football audience, to demonstrate Continental’s involvement on the ‘Road to Canada’ i.e. the full England football pathway, as well as increasing the profile of four England player ambassadors and, in turn, demonstrate how far the women’s game has come in recent years and highlight the role of sponsors, such as Continental Tyres, on that journey.

The concept was to take four members of the current England squad and tell the story of their journey to the World Cup. This would be achieved through producing 4 short documentary-style-films, that would run between two and three minutes, and would explore each players background, personal influences, mentors and the teams they have played for, as well as the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to play for England.

The connection between the brand and the player was the road. The connection between the brand and the road is obvious. The connection between the player and the road is two-fold.

Each and every sportswoman has gone road running at some stage of their career to boost their fitness, and is incredibly relatable to all aspiring athletes. The road also represents the pathways that everyone follows in order to become a professional footballer, a pathway, which sponsors like Continental have helped to establish in the women’s game.

Each video was filmed in a location relevant to each player; Jess’ on the estate she grew up in, Eniola’s along Embankment close to her home, Toni’s at Manchester City and Karen’s at St. George’s Park.

Other strands of the campaign ran across the national print press, plus sports news, fashion and women’s lifestyle publications and extensive online content-led coverage.

#RoadToCanada was getting coverage from publications such as; The Telegraph (Jess), Glamour magazine (Eniola), MailOnline (Toni) and The Times (Karen).

From the campaign, the four videos amassed just under one million views through YouTube and Facebook video hosting within six weeks of the first video being released.

Press coverage exceeded all expectations, with the value of the collated pieces worth over £300,000. The views and the press coverage continued after the campaign had run its course, peaking during the tournament. On top of this, and perhaps most importantly, young girls were getting in touch with the players and Continental Tyres to say how much the videos has inspired them to get involved in football and not worry about being the only girls or not being from the right area or background.

Pete Robb, Marketing Communications Manager of Continental Tyre Group Ltd., said: “We are ecstatic with the results of the #RoadToCanada campaign. As a brand we had a reach of millions with the videos and press coverage combined which broke all of our initial targets.

“On a wider scale, we created a campaign that allowed people to get to know each girl involved in the campaign, why they love football, why they love playing for their country and why it’s so important that the country get behind them. To see the support that the girls received out in Canada was mind-blowing and we saw a huge surge in people watching the videos and engaging in the campaign during the tournament.

“As a supporter of the team as a whole, we couldn’t be more proud to have been involved with the England ladies on their journey and it was such a privilege to be a part of them securing that bronze medal.”

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