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Virtual Advertising, Targeted Broadcast Technologies.

ISG is the most commercially experienced and technically diverse sports media group in the world.

We use a wide range of proprietary and customized ‘partner’ technologies which we match to our clients’ specific needs. This includes chroma key broadcast graphic overlay, Infrared targeted LED perimeter graphic replacement, augmented reality in player window and many more.

Within Global Sports Broadcasting, we use regionalising strategies and virtual advertising technologies to increase revenues in existing rights, create new rights and provide brands with regionally segmented and more closely targeted relationships with international premium sports audiences.

Years Successfully Commercialising Virtual Advertising in Premium Sports
Years Developing Technologies in Broadcast Virtual Advertising
US$ Value of Virtual Technology Hardware & Software in Use or on Order
Cumulative Viewers of Virtual Advertising Deployed by our Team

Group Divisions


Leading Premium Sports Broadcasting Production Company: Key provider to UEFA Champions League, Europe League, NFL…


Premium sports marketing rights holders across broadcasting territories; combined equivalent media value of almost quarter of a billion dollars…


The most experienced in world at commercialising proprietary and partner based virtual advertising technologies in global premium sports broadcasting…